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Orland Park Paternity Lawyer

When a child's parents are not married, paternity testing may be administered to determine the biological father of a child. Once paternity is established, the father's rights and obligations are determined. He will then be obligated to financially provide for the child. He can also pursue visitation and child custody rights.

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of establishing the paternity (or parentage) of a child, contact an Orland Park paternity attorney from the law office of Carr, O'Rourke & Ernst. A child should have the benefit of having both parents in his or her life. Talk to our attorney to learn how he can help you.

Unmarried Parents

The fact that the parents of a child are not married does not mean that the father does not have an obligation to financially support the child. Nor does it mean that the father does not have the right to see the child. However, it is first necessary to legally establish the identity of a child's father.

Paternity testing may be needed in order to determine that the alleged father of the child is the actual father of the child. If you are interested in learning more about paternity testing — whether you are looking to prove the identity of the father of your child or whether you may be required to take one — talk to Orland Park, Illinois, lawyer Roland P. Ernst. He can help you learn about your rights and options if:

  • You are a mother seeking child support payments from your child's father
  • You are a father looking to enforce your visitation rights or seek child custody
  • You are a father looking to ensure that the amount you are required to pay is fair

Contact an Orland Park Attorney for Information on DNA Testing

Orland Park parental rights attorney Roland P. Ernst represents men and women, mothers and alleged fathers in paternity law, child custody, child support and related legal matters. Call 708-966-2259 to schedule an initial consultation. Attorney Ernst represents clients in Chicago and throughout Cook County and Will County, including Orland Park, Tinley Park, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, and surrounding areas.