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Parental Kidnapping Lawyer in Orland Park

Has your child been taken from Illinois by the other parent without your permission? Do you have concerns that it could happen? If so, reach out to an attorney who is experienced in parental kidnapping and child abduction cases in Illinois.

Orland Park parental kidnapping attorney Roland P. Ernst is ready to be your advocate. He has practiced family law since 1983, and during his career he has helped parents secure the safe return of their children. He will seek assistance in searching for your child and do everything possible to enforce court orders to have the child returned. Parental kidnapping cannot be tolerated, and Roland Ernst will work to ensure that no family remains torn apart by this selfish act.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us for help if you fear parental kidnapping. Call 708-966-2259.

We Thoroughly Understand the Law on Parental Kidnapping and Child Abduction

As an experienced Chicago area child custody lawyer, Mr. Ernst serves Illinois parents who have had their child or children taken away to other states and to other nations. He has experience handling cases under the laws applying to parental kidnapping, which include:

  • Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA): This act is designed to prevent a parent from removing a child from Illinois and then initiating child custody proceedings in the new state. It requires that other states give full faith and credit to custody determinations previously made in Illinois.
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA): This law is designed to prevent child custody proceedings from taking place simultaneously in two different states. It details the jurisdiction of Illinois courts when a child or parent is in another state at the time a child custody action begins, and covers situations where an Illinois court must deal with a custody decree issued by another state.
  • Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction: This is an international agreement that requires the return of a child to his or her home country when the child was taken to another nation by a parent or third party.

Whether referred to as parental kidnapping, child abduction or wrongful retention, the taking of a child without your consent is one of the most frightening things a parent can face. At a time like this, you can rely on attorney Roland P. Ernst to guide you and to do everything possible to reunite you and your child under the terms of your child custody agreement.

Contact a Cook County and Will County Attorney With Experience in Child Abduction Cases

Contact us right away if you have concerns about parental kidnapping and child abduction. We will respond quickly and create a plan to have your child returned. Call 708-966-2259.