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Orland Park Divorce and Hidden Assets Lawyer

Asset Misrepresentation in Divorce

During a divorce, one spouse may attempt to hide money or other assets from the other. Determining the accurate value of the marital estate is a crucial step in the divorce process. When one spouse fails to disclose this information, equitable property division is nearly impossible.

If one spouse suspects the other of hiding assets during the divorce process, it is advisable to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. With the right help, it may be possible to identify hidden assets to proceed with the process of property division in divorce. Contact an Orland Park divorce and hidden asset attorney Roland P. Ernst from the law office of Carr, O'Rourke & Ernst to learn more.

Discovering Hidden Assets

There may be several options available to discover hidden assets. The firm works with forensic accountants and investigators when necessary, to analyze financial records, bank accounts and electronic trails in an effort to discover assets that are not clearly identified.

Attorney Roland P. Ernst can oversee the process of discovering hidden assets, a prerequisite to the process of asset division in divorce. Having an accurate inventory of assets is necessary to finalize the divorce equitably.

Contact an Orland Park Property Division Dispute Attorney · Find Hidden Assets

The process of asset discovery can be a near impossible task without professional help. To learn how Orland Park lawyer Roland P. Ernst can assist you, contact him by calling 708-966-2259. The law firm represents clients throughout Chicago and Cook County and Will County, Illinois, including Orland Park, Tinley Park, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, and surrounding areas.