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Orland Park Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

Cook County Attorney Enforcing Compliance With Court Orders

The provisions contained in your divorce decree are considered court orders. If your former spouse is refusing to comply with child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, visitation or property division provisions contained in your judgment for dissolution of marriage, you can request that the court enforce the terms of your divorce decree.

Illinois court orders are meant to be followed. Remember:

If it is not being done, then your former spouse is violating an Illinois court order. When court orders are not being followed, Roland P. Ernst can take your matter back to court and seek remedies such as civil contempt in order to ensure that you receive all you are entitled to pursuant to the court's order.

Contact Orland Park child support enforcement attorney Roland P. Ernst to discuss how he can help you receive the items you are entitled to under your divorce decree. Call 708-966-2259.

Modifying Your Obligations

If you are unable to comply with provisions of your divorce decree due to a lost job or recession-related hardship, we can help you seek a modification of those obligations. In order to modify those obligations you must file a petition with the court, and Roland P. Ernst can help you obtain a modification of your obligations.

If you require a modification of your support obligations, don't delay as support will continue to accrue until a petition for modification is filed. If you have lost your job or suffered a decrease in pay, contact Roland P. Ernst to arrange an initial consultation.

Whether you are seeking to enforce a court order or a changed circumstance has made it difficult for you to comply with such an order, Roland P. Ernst can help you protect your rights in any divorce dispute.

Contact an Orland Park Lawyer · Enforcing Court Orders

Whether you need assistance in seeing that a court order is enforced or you find yourself in a position where a substantial change in circumstances requires a modification of your obligations, either in Cook County or Will County, Illinois, attorney Roland P. Ernst can help. Contact him today, 708-966-2259.